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Cocktail List

Cherry Bakewell

Do you have a sweet tooth and love cakes? Good! This tastes exactly like one!
Made with Disaronno & maraschino liqueur, topped with lemonade!


The hurricane is an iconic tropical cocktail, this rum filled cocktail is made from
light & dark rum with a mix of multiple juices.

Woo Woo

With crisp cranberry, sweet peach and cool vodka the Woo Woo is a delicious easy drink that always goes down a treat!

Tequila Sunrise

Holiday favourite! A beautiful refreshing fruity cocktail, consisting of tequila, grenadine and juices! This ones for the tequila lovers!


It looks really innocent like you could drink it at breakfast but its not… Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec & orange juice! be warned it goes down too easy!

Purple Rain

Bold, fruity, brightly coloured & fun! just like prince… filled with vodka, bleu curacao and grenadine!

Sex On The Beach

Sweet, fruity & packing a dangerous punch! Very fruity and VERY easy to drink, vodka, archers, orange & cranberry!

Long Island Iced Tea

A notorious reputation for getting people drunk too easy… not advised for light weights… Vodka, gin, tequila, rum & triple sec topped with fresh lime juice and coke!

Long Island Beach Tea

Same as the long island but even more dangerous! Made with all the same spirits but with a mix of juices topped & cranberry!

Pornstar Martini

Our most POPULAR! A mix of vanilla vodka, passoa and passion fruit juices! Served with a cheeky shot of prosecco on the side!

Aperol Spritz

One for the ladies… or gentlemen! This is a summer favourite made with prosecco, aperol and soda! Garnished with fresh orange! Amazing on the tastebuds!

Bull Frog

Get energized with this drink! 4 different spirits and energy drink, its dangerous but delicious! Vodka, rum, gin & tequila!

Pineapple Mai-Tai

Pineapple, pineapple, pineapple... pineapple rum, juice and triple sec!


This iconic tiki drink is not one to be missed, made with light & dark rum! Filled with tangy sweetness!

Caramel Martini

Do you like dessert? If so, this is the drink for you! Vanilla vodka, baileys and caramel syrup! Yum!

Salted Caramel Mudslide

Baileys, coffee liqueur, vodka and caramel syrup! If you like iced coffee then you’ll love this!

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